Emerge EX1 Review

Emerge EX 1 review

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With more and more products being rebadged from China and India we feel bestsuspensiontrainer.com has a responsibility to highlight a concern in this Emerge EX1 Review.

I recently became aware of a product ‘The EX1 Emerge’ suspension trainer which was recently highlighted on a garage gym equipment review site as the number one recommended product for suspension trainers with a ‘discount code’. The site also recommended lifting straps, workout gloves and crossfit gloves with a discount.

This product was added to their site above their initial top reviews. The Emerge is now highlighted as the best product with no ‘cons’, eclipsing high quality products with good reputations such as the WOSS and TRX.

The reason I hadn’t heard of the Emerge suspension trainer is because after a little research I found out that it was a rebadged generic trainer, available on Ali Express (Chinese wholsale website).

Emerge Fitness trainer review in yellow
The Emerge EX1 under a different name

There are concerns that review sites (currently ranked high on google) are potentially exploiting a level of trust and consumers need to be aware of this issue.

Emerge EX 1 review
The Emerge EX 1 – $59.97 on Amazon

Questionable Emerge EX1  review on Amazon

What could be considered a massive coincidence is the Emerge suspension trainer received 5 star reviews on Amazon from several buyers (who reviewed the product on on the same day with initialed first names.)

What also raised my eyebrows is that these people on Amazon also purchased gym gloves, and in some cases two pairs of them with similarly glowing 5 star reviews. Coincidentally, the same products the garage gym equipment site was promoting on their website.


Potential for exploitation

What all consumers need to be aware of when trusting a website for reviews is that not all review sites are the same. There is a possibility the reviewer could be following all or part of this process we consider to be unacceptable:

  1. Develop a review site highlighting a best product available and build trust with consumers
  2. Rebadge a product from a Chinese wholesaler and sell it on Amazon
  3. Revisit the review site and highlight your rebadged product as the best
  4. Receive an affiliate income for directing consumers to your product from Amazon
  5. …$$$$$

The Emerge EX1 and Ex2 was removed from Amazon from when we last checked on 29/05/2017. We are unsure of whether this was by Emerge or Amazon. We feel the removal could support our concerns on this product. While other sites have flagged this as ‘the best suspension trainer’ we feel the journey this product has had on the market may suggest otherwise.

Supporting open and honest business.

My biggest concerns are that there is a potential for review sites to mislead consumers for their own financial gain.

From my observations the reviews on Amazon and on the garage equipment site on the Emerge trainer are not particularly credible.

The possibility of a generic and rebadged product producing quality and value above the TRX and WOSS trainer is unlikely.

Add to this the questionable style of reviews on Amazon, and the sudden promotion of it on a previously reputable equipment website raises major questions.

Best Suspension Trainer strongly recommends against purchasing the Emerge suspension trainer. We cannot guarantee its safety or quality.

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