GoFit Gravity Bar Review

The GoFit Gravity is a fixed bodyweight training system that replaces portability with a more permanent and dedicated fixture. We compiled research for our GoFit Gravity Bar Review and noted some unfortunate questions regarding GoFit Customer Service.

What’s in the box:

  • Doorway-mounted bodyweight training System installs in Standard door frames
  • Easily removes with safety mounts
  • Includes fully Adjustable, patented strap System with 2 handles, 2 ankle straps & training DVD
  • Includes gravity bar mounting hardware, 2 variable length straps
  • 2 Comfort grip foam handles 2 padded cradle straps
  • Training DVD with professional guidance and coaching laminated exercise booklet
  • Fits framed doorway sizes 27 to 36-Inch
  • Weight limit of 300-Pounds.

Out of the Box

The GoFit Gravity Bar Bodyweight system can be secured in doorways between 27 to 36 Inches.Best Suspension Trainer photo of man on black suspension trainer by GoFit Gravity Bar

An additional benefit is that the GoFit Gravity Bar can also be used as a chin up bar. A function no other Suspension Trainer offers.

The GoFit Gravity has an excellent adjustment system, simply press the button and pull the straps up or down. The excess strap lengths loop at either side towards the door.

The straps are secure but bend 90 degrees from a support point at the top of the bar. You will notice a slight turn in the strap. This does not particularly affect the action of the strap however from a research and development standpoint, Best Suspension Trainer prefers the TRX.

Some of the feedback on the GoFit Gravity bar has highlighted that GoFit customer service was not good in addressing issues with shipments arriving with missing parts. For this reason, Best Suspension Trainer recommends you purchase through Amazon.com so you have a reputable intermediary to address any customer service issues.


  • Quick to Adjustment

Simply press a button

  • Pull up/Chin Up Bar
  • Secured system
    The GoFit Gravity Bar is a secured system that can’t be removed;useful for gyms and those that use a Suspension Trainer regularly in a fixed area
  • DVD
    Includes a quality DVD and instruction set.


  • Lack of portability
    You will not be able to use this device outside for tree workouts etc
  • Customer Service
    Feedback from customers suggests that GoFit is not the best at responding to an issue relating to missing parts.
  • Natural twist in the straps.


If you do not require portability but require a quick, secure and adjustable system for working out, then the GoFit Gravity Bar is for you. The added chin up bar feature adds an extra feature that could be great if you are looking for an ‘all in one’ package. Consider reading our GoFit Gravity Strap review if you are interested in a budget version of this product.


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