The Top Suspension Trainers of 2017

Suspension training has evolved quickly to become a common fixture in commercial gyms and houses. More and more athletes, weekend warriors and gym junkies are heralding the suspension trainer as a cornerstone of their fitness regimes. Whether you buy a suspension trainer system for travel, for an ab workout, or as a cheap way to reach you fitness goals, the Top Suspension Trainers 2017 list will help you get there.

In this guide, we’ll outline the things you need to be focusing on when buying a suspension trainer.

“The outright favorite suspension trainer was the TRX.”
We’ll let you know what the best training straps are, what exercises you can do, and what companies offer the best customer service and satisfaction guarantees. We will also let you know what is the best suspension trainer for the money.

We’ve tested and studied the best suspension trainers on the market, and rounded it down to the Top 5.

The outright favorite suspension trainer was the TRX.

The TRX home suspension training kit has the highest quality designed straps out of all the suspension training, and it also had the fastest adjustment system. The TRX is our 2016 and is looking to be a strong contender for the 2017 Editors’ choice.

Summary: The Best Suspension Trainers





1 TRX Suspension Trainer   Best Price
3 Lifeline Jungle Gym XT   Best Price
4 Gofit Gravity Bar   Best Price
5 Gymstuff G-Strap Pro   Best Price

TRX   The Top Suspension Trainer

First, our TRX suspension trainer review highlights the TRX as the best in the market, and it is also our 2016 Editors’ Choice at the Best Suspension Trainer.

Best Suspension Trainer Logo

Everything about the TRX screams authority for many good reasons.

Every inch of this fully adjustable system has been meticulously designed for long term use.

Also, the TRX is the original suspension training system created by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick and currently used by the United States Military). This Suspension Trainer has also been sold to the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL. It is used by 40,000 GYMS around the world, as well as by over 150,000 TRX certified Personal Trainers.


  • Quick set up

The pull strap adjustments and quick snap carabiners and allow for quick changes, keeping the intensity of your workouts, high.

  • DVD

The TRX DVD is an excellent, quality guide to setup and go

  • Personal Training

There are over 40,000 personal trainers certified by TRX available for personal training.

  • Portability

The TRX is the best piece of portable workout equipment on the market. The TRX can be conveniently packed into small places and will easily fit in you backpack

  • Youtube

There is an enormous library of TRX related guides on YouTube. The TRX opens up a universe of workout possibilities.

  • Customer Support

TRX has excellent customer service and support

  • One year money back guarantee

TRX includes a one-year, 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee and a one-year limited replacement warranty in the unlikely event of materials or manufacturing defects.

  • Worldwide shipping

Item ships Worldwide from Amazon


  • Price
Nice things cost money. And the TRX does cost more than some of the lesser known brands of Suspension Trainer.

Summary of the TRX

TRX is the gold standard for the industry. It’s portability and stability places it as the best option for both beginner and industry professionals. The overall quality, originality and wide stream use of this product heralds it as the top suspension trainer on the market today.



Please note WOSS published the following message on their website:

“Dear Valued Customers – Please note that due to a crucial overhaul and restructuring of the company, all WOSS Trainers will be temporarily unavailable for sale on our site and all other internet sites (pending further notice). Thank you all for your great support and patronage over the years. ”

We are not affiliated with WOSS however we will keep you updated on whether this product returns to the market.

WOSS Titan Pro Trainer


Our WOSS Titan Pro Review highlights the WOSS suspension training kit as the perfect option for people on a lower budget.

WOSS has created a heavy duty product, with a homemade feel, a cheap price and a professional attitude to service.

If you decide on a WOSS, choose the Pro.Best Suspension Trainer WOSS Titan Pro


  • Value

This is the wisest choice for a cheap selection for Suspension Trainers

  • Straps

Unlike many budget options, the WOSS has retained good strap quality and length.

  • Portability

The WOSS is portable and can be conveniently packed into small places and will easily fit in you backpack

  • Colour options

The WOSS Suspension Trainer has a selection of colors; Brown, Gray, Organge, Olive, Pink, Green
Includes Wall Chart


  • Adjustment speed

The WOSS is slower to adjust compared to the TRX

  • The extension strap connection
  • Using a metal carabiner to connect to metal rings could be revised
  • No DVD or online videos

Summary of the Woss Titan Pro Trainer

This is a good quality Suspension Trainer at with plenty of value at a very cheap price. While it doesn’t have the research and development that TRX has, it is heavy duty and reliable. If you don’t have the money for the TRX, we recommend the WOSS Pro Trainer.



Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Review

The Jungle Gym is a sturdy and unique suspension trainer that provides a slightly different workout experience, dual anchor points.

The Jungle Gym uses 2 straps that connect to the top of your door / bar. You can separate the distance between these straps to your liking, providing more scope to your workouts.

This suspension trainer could be a consideration, particularly if you are not happy with your current suspension trainer.2 red and black suspension trainers


  • Price

The product maintains a good price, particularly on

  • Simple foot cradles
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Customisation

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT is one of the most customisable Suspension Trainers on the market.


  • No rotation of the handles

The lack of rotating handles could place more stress on your wrists and other body parts

  • Warranty / Guarantee

The warranty is only 60 days unlike the 1 year warranty from TRX. From the official website ‘If the product should, for any reason, become defective within 60 days purchase, Lifeline will replace the product once it is returned to Lifeline.

  • Setup

The setup and the double anchor point system of the Jungle Gym XT is slightly more complex than the original Suspension Trainers.

  • Size and portability

The item is bulkier than many of its competitors, making it slightly less portable

  • No Carry case
  • Less support for workouts, both on youtube and on the DVD.

Summary of the Jungle Gym XT

The Jungle Gym suspension trainer provides some new customisable options that may suit your needs.

Be cautious of your setup within you home or gym since these customisation options could be a blessing or a curse depending on your workout space.

The product is well made, and the only major drawback for this product if the absence of handle rotation.



GoFit Gravity Bar Review

The GoFit Gravity is a fixed bodyweight training system that replaces portability with a more permanent and dedicated fixture. We compiled research for our GoFit Gravity Bar Review and noted some unfortunate questions regarding GoFit Customer Service.GoFit Gravity Bar Photo for best suspension trainer


  • Quick to Adjust

Simply press a button

  • Pull up/Chin Up Bar
  • Secured system

The GoFit Gravity Bar is a secured system that can’t be removed;useful for gyms and those that use a Suspension Trainer regularly in a fixed area

  • DVD
    Includes a quality DVD and instruction set.


  • Lack of portability

You will not be able to use this device outside for tree workouts etc

  • Customer Service

Feedback from customers suggests that GoFit is not the best at responding to an issue relating to missing parts.

  • Natural twist in the straps.

Summary of the GoFit Gravity Bar

If you do not require portability but require a quick, secure and adjustable system for working out, then the GoFit Gravity Bar is for you. The added chin up bar feature adds an extra feature that could be great if you are looking for an ‘all in one’ package.



The best suspension training system for home and for travel is the TRX. The TRX home suspension training kit features the best straps, the quickest adjustment and the best variety of training and workout videos available. The TRX is all out quality.

It features the best straps, the quickest adjustment and the best variety of training and workout videos available. The TRX is all out quality.

If you are on a small budget, consider our number 2 budget pick, the WOSS Titan Pro.