Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Review

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT is a sturdy and unique suspension trainer that provides a slightly different workout experience, dual anchor points.

The Jungle Gym uses 2 straps that connect to the top of your door / bar. You can separate the distance between these straps to your liking, providing more scope to your workouts.

This suspension trainer could be a consideration, particularly if you are not happy with your current suspension trainer.

What’s in the box:

  • Two industrial suspension straps (8 feet each)
  • Two integrated easy-wipe handles and easy-in foot cradles
  • Two comfortable inline adjustment buckles
  • Two non-scuff door anchors and two strap end adjusters
  • One large, full color workout wall chart and downloadable video included
  • Two Industrial suspension straps (8 feet each)
  • Two Integrated easy-wipe handles and Easy-In Foot CradlesTM
  • Two comfortable inline adjustment buckles
  • Two Non-scuff door anchors and Two Strap end adjusters
  • One large, full color workout wall chart and downloadable video included

Man doing chest presses on 2 black suspension trainer straps

Out of the Box

The handles are sturdy plastic and are easy to clean. However, unlike the TRX these handles do not rotate. This can pose extra stress on your wrists as you raise yourself into different positions if you are looking for a TRX alternative.

The foot anchors are a nice addition. Unlike other suspension trainers the foot anchors are a hard rubber fixture pre-designed in a U-shape. They may not hug your foot as close as a loose strap arrangement however the speed at which you can place your feet in the straps are brilliant.

The design of 2 anchor points can provide issues compared to the 1 anchor point featured in the TRX. For home use, you will be restricted to separate the distance of the anchors by the size of your door.

Diagram display 3 different ways to arrange a suspension trainer

A suspension trainer with two anchor points means you will have to spend more time adjusting the anchor points to your liking and if your door is in a tight corner you will not be able to divert two anchor points in a different direction, unlike a single anchor point.

This is a heavier and bulkier item than the TRX and the absence of carry bag for it was disappointing.


  • Price

The product maintains a good price, particularly on

  • Simple foot cradles
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Customization

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT is one of the most customization Suspension Trainers on the market.


  • No rotation of the handles

The lack of rotating handles could place more stress on your wrists and other body parts

  • Warranty / Guarantee

The warranty is only 60 days unlike the 1 year warranty from TRX. From the official website ‘If the product should, for any reason, become defective within 60 days purchase, Lifeline will replace the product once it is returned to Lifeline.

  • Setup

The setup and the double anchor point system of the Jungle Gym XT is slightly more complex than the original Suspension Trainers.

  • Size and portability

The item is bulkier than many of its competitors, making it slightly less portable

  • No Carry case
  • Less support for workouts, both on youtube and on the DVD.

Better than TRX?

As a cheap TRX alternative the Jungle Gym XT  has some different options that could serve you well. But directly comparing the quality between the Jungle Gym XT vs TRX we can say the Jungle Gym is not better than the TRX.


The Jungle Gym suspension trainer provides some new customization options that may suit your needs.

Be cautious of your setup within you home or gym since these customization options could be a blessing or a curse depending on your workout space.

The product is well made, and the only major drawback for this product if the absence of handle rotation.

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