TRX Results – what can I expect?

two people and a clip board trx results before and after

Are the TRX results good?

Many people have been asking me, what can I expect from my suspension training or TRX results?

The answer is complex since your results will be determined mainly by your commitment to fitness. However, suspension training can definitely offer you opportunity and simplicity as a way to improve your commitment to your fitness goals.

A main advantage of suspension training over other resistance training (such as weight training) is the ease of use. You can practice anywhere at any time.

Once you have mastered the proper technique all you need is an anchor point and a suspension trainer and you are ready to go.

By adding suspension training to your fitness regime you can expect results based on functional movements.

Before and After

We won’t show you before and after shots because since it’s misleading and anyone can do it.

However, from training with a TRX or any other high quality suspension trainer, you will:

  • Burn calories
  • Build muscle
  • Improve functional movements
  • Potentially reduce injury.

TRX results from training are great and you can expect similar from most high quality suspension trainers reviewed on our site.

What are some more advantages?

Suspension training offers the possibility of developing yourself in your chosen sport and also in strap related exercises. For example, paragliding and gymnastics are both sports where the athlete suspends themselves using straps.

Resistance training using suspension trainers relies not only placing strain on muscles but also stretching them. For example the TRX chest fly.

Exercises such as jump squats can be improved using the TRX. This exercise involves the upper body and reduces potential damage to knee cartilage from hard landings.

So if you are asking the question ‘does the TRX work?’. The answer is yes, yes it does.

Here’s our infographic for more info on suspension training benefits.

Diagram detailing the benefits of suspension training. 6 different headings highlight these things. 1. Save 2. HIIT 3. Outdoors 4. Functional 5. Improved Balance 6. Portable