WOSS Titan Pro Trainer Review Review

Please note WOSS published the following message on their website:

“Dear Valued Customers – Please note that due to a crucial overhaul and restructuring of the company, all WOSS Trainers will be temporarily unavailable for sale on our site and all other internet sites (pending further notice). Thank you all for your great support and patronage over the years. “

We are not affiliated with WOSS however we will keep you updated on whether this product returns to the market.

About the WOSS Titan Pro

Our WOSS Titan Pro Review highlights the WOSS suspension training kit as the perfect option for people on a lower budget.

WOSS has created a heavy duty product, with a homemade feel a cheap price and a professional attitude to service.

If you decide on a WOSS, choose the Pro.

What’s in the box

  • Made in the USA from 1½”  neon green military-grade webbing
  • Rubber grip handles
  • Padded door anchor
  • 8-foot Anywhere Anchor with built-in door anchor,
  • 3-foot military double loop strap and built-in door anchor,
  • 2-foot double loop strap
  • Two handles made with 5/16” cord, 1⅜” rubber sleeve handle and with a 1½” wide soft foot loop
  • Drawstring bag
  • Full Body Quick Start Exercises sheet

Out of the Box.

woss-titan-pro-womanDon’t be mislead by the very simplistic branding of the WOSS. This suspension trainer uses good quality straps.

The handles are made of comfortable rubber and have a unique rope loop rather than a standard strap.

The foot cradles were similarly comfortable.

The soft door anchor is simple, and has an appearance similar to the handle.

The straps are not as quick to adjust as the TRX so expect to spend a little more time adjusting it to the right size.

The only small gripe I have with the product is how it uses a metal carabiner to connect the extender strap to the suspension trainer. This makes it more ‘clanky’ and I feel a strap would have worked better; and more of a rock climbers option.


  • Value
    This is the wisest choice for a cheap selection for Suspension Trainers
  • Straps
    Unlike many budget options, the WOSS has retained good strap quality and length.
  • Portability
    The WOSS is portable and can be conveniently packed into small places and will easily fit in you backpack
  • Colour options
    The WOSS Suspension Trainer has a selection of colors; Brown, Gray, Organge, Olive, Pink, Green
    Includes Wall Chart


  • Adjustment speed
  • The WOSS is slower to adjust compared to the TRX
  • The extension strap connection
  • Using a metal carabiner to connect to metal rings could be revised
  • No DVD or online videos

Summary of the WOSS Titan Pro

This is a good quality Suspension Trainer at with plenty of value at a very cheap price. While it doesn’t have the research and development that TRX has, it is heavy duty and reliable. If you don’t have the money for the TRX, we recommend the WOSS Pro Trainer.


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